Bathroom towels stacked on top of stool
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For Bonus Towel Storage, Flip Your IKEA Spice Rack Upside Down
If you're out of space in your bathroom and can't find a spot for your towels, take an IKEA Bekväm spice rack and turn it upside down for a low-cost yet chic storage solution.
As demonstrated by TikToker @ashlye.jpg, this clever hack requires no extra effort or tools to add storage and creates a decorative piece that elevates your bathroom’s look.
Any spot near your bathroom sink is ideal for placing this holder. The rack is just over 15 inches wide, which is the right size for a hand towel or a couple of washcloths.
Once placed, the upper shelf can hold necessities like hand soap and makeup removal supplies. You'll also have room for a decorative object like a candle, photo frame, or plant.
You can also paint it a different shade to match your bathroom’s aesthetic. For the best results, be sure to sand and prime the spice rack before painting it.
Elevate the rack further by hanging S-hooks on the bar to hang planters or small towels, or add a second Bekväm rack above the first one and keep it right side up for more space.