A woman vacuuming her apartment
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For Cleaner Floors, TikTok Says Slow Vacuuming
Is Best
The conventional approach to vacuuming may not always deliver satisfactory results. To address this issue, many TikTok users advocate for a technique known as
"slow vacuuming."
As demonstrated by the TikTok user @thedirtyapartment, the idea behind slow vacuuming is to move the vacuum at a snail's pace, roughly about an inch
a second.
The slow pace gives the vacuum's beater brush ample time to effectively dislodge embedded dirt from rugs and tiles. As the debris gets loosened, the vacuum efficiently sucks it up.
While this method takes more time, it ensures a deeper clean. What's more, it may even save time in the long run, as each spot vacuumed will only need one pass.