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For Clutter-Free Kitchen Countertops, Try These Easy Dollar Tree DIYs
Glue together some wooden Dollar Tree crates and trays to make a cube-shaped countertop organizer to hold spices. Mount it on a turntable base to access all sides easily.
Paper Towel
Make a paper towel holder by gluing together a Dollar Tree board, two picture frames, two cutting boards, and a dowel to hold the paper towel, then paint it dark brown.
Stain or paint a Dollar Tree wooden base, then screw some cup hooks into one side of it. Mount it under a kitchen cabinet to hang up your longer kitchen utensils.
To organize your small kitchen items, like coffee pods or tea bags, build a two-tier organizer from four Dollar Tree wood crates, and stain or paint it if you choose.
Create a hanging storage rack by mounting Dollar Tree wire mesh baskets onto paint stir sticks to store lightweight kitchen items like condiments, napkins, or cutlery.