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For Easy Plant Propagation, Grab A Muffin Tin From The Kitchen
A muffin tin is the ideal size and shape for propagating plants, and you can use it for every step of the process, from organizing your cuttings to growing your new baby plants.
Propagation is where you cut pieces of leaves, stems, or roots of a parent plant, and the cuttings sprout roots and grow a second plant. It’s easier and quicker than growing seeds.
You can use an old muffin tin that you no longer bake with or buy one from a thrift store or Dollar Tree. Various plants can be propagated, but the process sometimes differs.
For example, herbs must be put in water or soil right away, but succulents must dry out before planting. Use a muffin tray to dry out your succulent cuttings until they grow roots.
Afterward, you can use the muffin tray as a nursery for seedlings that aren't ready for a full-size pot. Fill each cup halfway or two-thirds full of soil, and add your new plants.
The shallow soil will keep your plants dry, and the muffin tin will protect them. You can even drill a drainage hole in the bottom of each cup to create the perfect plant nursery.