A large Ikea store in Coventry, West Midlands, England. (Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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For Improved Storage, Try This High Ceiling IKEA Hack
In a small apartment or home that lacks floor space, consider mounting inexpensive IKEA units in high places to make them look like built-ins and to increase your storage.
This popular design hack uses the otherwise dead space above doors or windows for much-needed extra storage by installing a set of IKEA's BESTA cabinets.
By mounting the sleek, square cabinets directly to the wall near the ceiling, your storage remains out of sight. It works especially well if your ceilings are already high.
You can purchase BESTA cabinets of various sizes individually or in sets of three. The doored versions are $100-400 dollars each, while ones without hinged doors are about $50.
The cabinets come in classic white, natural wood, or black. Many people install them slightly lowered from the ceiling to form an additional shelf for more storage or decor above.
The high cabinets draw the eye up, making the room seem larger than it is, and also work nicely in a bedroom for storing out-of-season clothes or bedding.