Removing moss after scarifying by raking grass in a garden
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For More Impactful Lawn Aeration, Try This Genius TikTok Hack
If you aerate your lawn by rolling with a hand core or spike aerator, adding extra weight using your workout weight plate may make the job easier, per TikTok creator @dadtwintips.
The spikes or tines of an aerator are supposed to penetrate the soil, loosening up packed parts of the lawn and letting water, nutrients, light, and air reach the grassroots.
However, if your hand-held aerator is a little light, you may have to go over the same spot multiple times to get deeper into the soil to ensure healthy grass growth.
Since a weight plate has a hole in the middle, it can slip through the aerator's handle and rest on the crossbars above the spikes' spindle to give the aerator the boost it needs.