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For Sparkling Hardwood Floors, Grab These Handy Household Staples
Olive Oil
Olive oil can polish a hardwood floor and restore its natural shine without leaving a sticky residue. Combine it with vinegar and warm water to dissolve dirt or grease.
Mix ¾ cup of olive oil, ¼ cup of vinegar, and 10 drops of essential oil in 1 gallon of warm water. Apply the mixture with a sponge to the whole floor, then buff it with a towel.
Polish your cherry, pine, or hickory hardwood floor with beeswax to nourish it, make it shine, and give it a protective finish that prevents scratches and water damage.
Put 6 tablespoons of beeswax and 3 cups of walnut oil (or any plant-based oil) in a container, and place it over boiling water to melt. Mix well and leave it to set for 10 minutes.
Rub the polish into the wood with a cloth in a back-and-forth motion to avoid swirl marks, let it dry, then buff it with a cloth. Use this polish only on closed-grain wood floors.
Use vinegar to dissolve grime and stains on your hardwood floor. Use it only on unsealed or unfinished wood floors, as vinegar can strip the finish off finished wood.
Mix 1 cup of vinegar, a few drops of lavender essential oil, and 1 gallon of lukewarm water in a bucket. Use this to clean the floor with a mop, then dry it with a clean cloth.
Lemon Juice
You can use lemon juice to clean stains off your hardwood floors, but as lemon is too acidic for many wooden floors, you’ll need to cut it with olive oil.
Mix a ½ cup of lemon juice, a ¾ cup of olive oil, and 1 gallon of warm water in a bucket; stir well; clean with a sponge mop; wipe up any residue; then air dry the floor.
Baking Soda
The mild abrasiveness of baking soda can polish off scratches and deodorize pet urine stains absorbed into hardwood floors, but it’s only safe on unfinished wood floors.
Mix baking soda and water into a thick paste, apply it to the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe with a damp cloth. Scrub scuff marks with dry baking soda and a sponge.