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For Streak-Free Strokes, Add This Ingredient To Your Paint
For those seeking streak-free strokes in their painting projects, Floetrol is a game-changing ingredient to add to paint. It works especially well with acrylic and
latex varieties.
When you add Floetrol, latex paint mimics the properties of its oil-based counterpart, which takes longer to cure and means you can repair streaks before they set.
As a general rule of thumb, start with mixing 8 ounces of Floetrol per gallon of paint. If you need a thinner consistency, add a little more of the product at a time.
Keep in mind that Floetrol can affect the finish of the paint: Gloss paints may become less shiny, while the impact on semi-gloss and flat paints is generally
less pronounced.
Even though it's non-flammable, it's advised to use Floetrol in a well-ventilated area. Also, don't add too much of it, or else your paint may become runny, resulting in streaks.
The choice of roller also plays a significant role, with foam rollers being the preferred option due to their ability to apply paint more consistently and reduce imperfections.