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For Stunning Color, Add This Underutilized Spring Bulb To Your Garden
In the quest for adding a pop of stunning color to spring gardens, the crown imperial (Fritillaria imperialis) stands out as a vibrant yet somewhat underutilized option.
This perennial bulb is a treasure for any garden, providing a tropical flair with its low-growing rosette of green leaves and striking blooms that sit atop stalks 3 to 4 feet tall.
With a range of cheerful colors — yellow, orange, or red — the bell-shaped flowers of the crown imperial captivate from April through June, creating an unmissable visual feast.
While the plant's musky smell is not for everyone, its strong scent and toxic nature offer excellent garden defense, deterring deer, rabbits, and other pests from venturing close.
For spring bloom, plant the bulb in the fall, burying it 6 inches deep and on its side to prevent water from pooling. Choose a sunny spot with well-draining soil for best results.
This hardy, drought-resistant plant doesn’t need much care, only occasional watering during its blooming period and a dose of fertilizer in early spring to kickstart growth.