Framed-out basement with exposed ducts
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Framing Out Your Own Basement Is Possible With Our DIY Tips
When it’s time to finish your basement, leave it to the professionals to handle the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing work. However, these tips can help you do the framing yourself.
You can frame a basement wall by building the frame on the wall or by constructing it on the floor, lifting it up, and putting it in place as TikToker @benderhomes demonstrates.
It’s faster to assemble-and-lift, and @benderhomes simplifies this process by using a homemade spacer template made from two 2-by-4 lengths to help get the stud spacing right.
For a typical 16-inches-on-center wall, you’ll use a 13 ¾-inch spacer to measure the first stud bay, then you’ll use a 14 ½-inch spacer to measure the rest of the stud bays.
Butt the spacer against the last stud, butt the next stud against its other end, and nail it into place. Now, the spacing is consistent without you having to remember measurements.
Place your frame on the wall, ensure it’s plumb front-to-back and side-to-side, then secure it to the floor with construction adhesive and anchor fasteners made for damp concrete.