Open dresser drawers spilling over with clothes
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Freshen Smelly Drawers Naturally With A Couple Of Kitchen Items
If your kitchen drawers smell like spices and your dresser drawers like socks, you can get them smelling fresh again by using bread and vinegar to absorb and neutralize odors.
Simply put a slice of white bread into a bowl, add a ½ cup of vinegar, and leave it in the closed drawer for 24 hours. The next day, you’ll notice that the odor has disappeared.
Even cleaning experts like Linda Cobb, author of the book "The Queen of Clean: Clean Like the Queen," recommend using this hack to get drawers and old trunks smelling fresh again.
Vinegar is safer for those who are sensitive to harsh fragrances, and it’s better for use in kitchen drawers that contain food that may become toxic if exposed to harsh chemicals.
This method is also better for the environment than using fragranced air-fresheners, which can harm air quality, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.