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Freshly Cleaned Cabinets With An Orange? Here's What
We Found Out
Grease splatters can be surprisingly tricky to clean off your kitchen cabinets, but a popular internet hack claims that combining vinegar and orange peels can banish the stains.
In an empty bottle, mix four thinly sliced orange peels and 8 ounces of distilled white vinegar. Screw on the lid and let it sit for two weeks, giving it an occasional light shake.
After two weeks, the orange peels will look a little gray and faded and the scent will smell surprisingly mild. Pour the liquid through a sieve and then into a spray bottle.
The liquid is a light yellow-orange, so if you have white cabinets, test it on a small section that isn’t visible. There should be no staining or discoloration.
Start by giving your greasiest cabinets a generous spray and letting it settle for a few seconds before wiping it off. Try it on your range hood, stovetop and microwave, too.
The before and after photo says it all — the orange peel spray works like magic. After one spray and wipe followed by another spray and wipe, the cabinets looked like new.
It’s a clever way to use orange peels, and the spray doesn't contain harmful chemicals. You could also use other citrus peels or add essential oils for a stronger fragrance.