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Gain Clever Storage With An Old Bed Sheet For This Dollar Tree DIY
Rather than cast aside old bed sheets when their time is up, repurpose them into attractive basket storage that can hold everything from laundry to toys and other accessories.
As shown by TikToker @jordansgems, this hack requires your retired bedding and a Dollar Tree plastic laundry basket. Opt for a medium or large basket so your sheet fits properly.
Lay the sheet flat on a surface, cut all the elastic off the edges, and place the basket in the center. Pull the edges up and over the rim to gather inside, covering the basket.
Secure the sheet so it sits tightly on the basket by using the discarded elastic and tying it around the outside of the basket, fastening it just under the top rim.
Cut all the excess cloth that has gathered in the bottom, leaving just enough to reach the inner circumference. Secure the sheet's edges inside the basket with a hot glue gun.
With the leftover fabric you've trimmed off, cut a circle that will fit the smallest part of the basket's interior and glue it to create a tidy finish.