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Garden Mistakes That Are Actually Killing Your Onion Plants
Wrong Variety
Avoid the common error of planting varieties ill-suited to your local climate by researching the distinctions between short, long, and day-neutral varieties.
Wrong Timing
Miscalculating the optimal planting time can have dire consequences for your crop. Sow seeds in early spring, right after winter, when the soil becomes receptive.
Wrong Method
Your crop’s fate rests on choosing between onion sets, seeds, and transplants, each dependent on your gardening conditions, climate, and onion type.
Onion sets or transplants give your growth process a jumpstart in colder climates but are costlier and limited in diversity. However, using seeds requires sowing 2.5 months early.
Wrong Size
Oversized sets or transplants will face adulthood prematurely and sacrifice bulb size for flower production. To promote healthier growth, choose smaller transplants.
Wrong Area
Onions require 11 hours of direct sunlight, so placing them in shady corners or next to tall plants will result in subpar bulb growth and poor plant health.