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Gas Vs. Electric: Which Range Really Gets Hotter?
Despite being the pick for most at-home amateurs and career cooks, gas stoves are not the hotter option when compared to electric. That's part of what makes them so favorable: Unlike electric ranges, the open flame of a gas stove allows some of the heat to escape up the sides of a pot and vent into the air.
Since you have the ability to closely control your heat in this fashion, it helps the food cook evenly and makes sure the dish comes out just the way you want it, explains Atherton Appliance. The same is true for boiling water.
One Reddit user shared their experience with an electric range in the subreddit AskCulinary. While they agreed with the assessment that an electric burner is hotter once it heats up, they say that "all electric ranges (save induction) go bonkers at high temp settings."