Enclosed porch with screens
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Genius Hacks That'll Remove Pollen & Bugs From Your Porch Screens
When your balcony, porch, or window screens accumulate dead insects, pollen, and dirt, there’s an easier way to clean them, especially if they’re hard to reach from the outside.
With this hack, you can wash and dry the screens quickly and easily without removing them or using a hose. You’ll need a soft-bristled mop or brush, soapy water, and a leaf blower.
In place of a leaf blower, you can use a hairdryer or even a wet and dry shop vacuum with a blower port. While using a hose can get water everywhere, this method isn't as messy.
First, dust or vacuum the screen to remove as much pollen and debris as you can. Then, scrub it with your mop, dish soap, and hot water, taking care not to dislodge or damage it.
Once your screen is covered in suds, use your leaf blower to blow all the water, soap, and dirt off the screen and outside. If it lands all over your porch, simply sweep it away.