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Genius IKEA Shelf Hacks That Will Take Your Home To The Next Level
Entertainment Center
Instead of a traditional TV console, TikTok user @besadigitalagency shared how to use an IKEA LACK Wall Shelf, hanging one under her wall-mounted TV.
Built-in Shelving
Instagram user @hanghaus15 sawed and installed IKEA LACK Wall Shelves in white stained oak to create built-in shelves.
Pantry Shelving
Instagram user @thatscandinavianfeeling showed how to use floating IKEA LACK shelves to add storage space if you have a small kitchen or limited cabinet space.
Be aware of placement, however, as the LACK line is made of particleboard, fiberboard, plastic, and paper filling, and won't hold up to constant heat or steam exposure.
Bathroom Storage
Instagram user @__oursouterhome__ installed LACK Wall Shelves over an existing counter to use open wall space; an idea you can use in any vertical space.
We loved how they used baskets to store their items, as exposed shelving with lots of half-empty bottles can look cluttered, even if it's well-maintained.
Entryway Table
TikTok creator @studioardesie shared a cleverly used three LACK Wall Shelves to make a budget-friendly entryway table. Adding long legs will create a stylish variation.