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Genius Painting Tips And Tricks From Your Favorite HGTV Stars
Property Brothers
Drew and Jonathan Scott, the Property Brothers, say choosing a finish is very important. For the correct sheen, think about how the paint will look and function.
Matte paint is good for areas where you don't have a lot of activity, satin is good for areas with high traffic, and high gloss paint is best for trim and cabinets.
Jeremiah Brent
Lighting is important when it comes to painting. "People often choose their paint color without considering the lighting of their actual space," Jeremiah Brent said.
One solution is to hang up some paint samples in your home and check them throughout the day to see how they reflect light differently in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes of "Holmes Family Rescue" says the proper painting sequence starts with the baseboards and trim, followed by the ceiling and then the walls.
Emily Henderson
"Design Star" Emily Henderson doesn’t like to use the same color in multiple rooms. She uses a shared color palette so the rooms correlate but aren’t the same.
Sabrina Soto
When designing rooms, Sabrina Soto says, "I normally like to pick three colors and usually stick to them. This provides me with a loose guideline when I decorate."
When using this "rule of three," the primary color should be used around 60% of the time, the secondary color 30% of the time, and the third color 10% of the time.