Different colored pool noodles
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Genius Pool Noodle Kitchen Hacks You'll Wish You Tried Sooner
Drawer Adjuster
It’s frustrating to open a kitchen drawer only to see the cutlery tray slide to the back, out of reach. However, now you can use a pool noodle to keep it in place.
Cut a pool noodle to fit the length between the tray and the back of the drawer. Slice it in half and lay the pieces flat, one to the left and one to the right to secure the tray.
To keep kitchen walls scuff-free, cut a pool noodle to the width of a cabinet or trash can. Slice it in half, add double-sided tape or Velcro, and press it to the wall.
If you have toddlers in your home who are learning how to walk, you can also use the pool noodle bumper to create a layer of protection around table and countertop edges.
Brooms and Mops
Securing the brooms and mops in an upright position using a pool noodle is the simplest, most cost-effective way to keep brooms and mops upright and stored neatly.
Cut a pool noodle to fit the width of your utility closet, slice it in half and secure it to the wall with double-sided tape. Then, cut vertical slits to hold your mops and brooms.
Purchase a 40-ounce plastic trifle container at your dollar store, spray paint it to match your theme, and cut a few slices of pool noodle to place inside the container.
Then, press the stems of your artificial flowers into the holes in the center of the pool noodle pieces. Add flowers and accent pieces until your bouquet centerpiece is complete.
Candle Centerpiece
Cut a pool noodle into different lengths and spray paint each one in your desired color. Then, glue the bases together and onto a decorative tray with a glue gun.
Press one tea light into each pool noodle opening, add any desired accessories around the base, and then admire your gorgeous centerpiece that will brighten any special occasion.