Box elder bugs
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Genius Tips And Tricks That Help Keep Pesky Bugs At Bay
Lavender & Mosquitoes
Lighting a lavender candle will keep mosquitoes away. They may hate the smell, but this is lucky for us since refreshing aromas are lovely.
Flies Hate Cayenne
Cayenne pepper helps keep flies out of your home. Mix cayenne pepper with water, then spray the mixture throughout your home to prevent flies from entering.
Moths & Lavender
Moths don't like dried lavender in a closet, so make some dried lavender sachets and hang them inside of your closet. You can do the same with cedar.
Spices For Roaches
Combine onion powder, cayenne, and garlic, then sprinkle the mix wherever cockroaches invade. They detest the smell and will stay far away from these spices.
Ants Hate Vinegar
Fill a spray bottle with warm water, vinegar, and lemon juice. Shake it up and spray countertops, corners, floors, and other areas where ants have been.