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Genius Vaseline Hacks That'll Come In Handy Around The House
Ensure the mark on your wooden furniture is dry, then apply the jelly to it and work it in with your fingers or a microfiber cloth. Leave it overnight, then buff it off.
To prevent paint getting on doorknobs, hinges, or handles, spread Vaseline on them, avoiding areas you want painted. Wipe it away once your painted areas have dried.
Wood Furniture
Rub the petroleum jelly into any scuffs, and leave it for 24 hours. Then, use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe away the residue and buff the surface.
Leather Furniture
Apply the jelly in a circular motion to any scratched sections using a paper towel or microfiber cloth. Leave it for five minutes, then wipe away any residue.
Rusted Metal
Ensure your metal hardware or tools, like hammers, nuts, and bolts, are dry, then cover them with petroleum jelly and store them away until you need to use them.