Person holding wooden crate of clean and empty glass mason jars
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Get A Fresh-Smelling Home With Mason Jars & Air Freshener Beads
If you’d like to have an air freshener that’s also an attractive décor piece, then you’ll love this easy DIY that requires an empty mason jar and some scented air freshener beads.
Take your preferred scent of air freshener beads, such as lavender or orange, and add a small amount to your mason jar. Test to see how strong the scent is before adding more.
If you're sensitive to scented products, take precaution by using less beads. Once you're happy with the results, add faux flowers or faux eucalyptus branches to your décor piece.
Place the jar anywhere you want — for instance, on the kitchen counter or a shelf. When you're done with your air freshener beads or want to replace them, put them in your trash.