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Get Creative With These Free Home Depot Tile Sample Hacks
End Table
If you have an old end table, give it a new lease on life with your tile samples. Install the tiles on top of the table using glue, mix and apply the grout, and then add a sealer.
For a custom centerpiece, use small glass mosaic tile squares on a no neck vase. Just cut the tiles to the right height and glue and roll the tile strip around a cylindrical vase.
Make cohesive tile coasters by cutting your tiles into 4-inch squares. Cover the bottom of the tile with Mod Podge, and place a cut scrapbook paper over it so it has a base.
Plant Stand
To make a plant stand, choose the tile pieces that you will use and a coordinating paint color for the stool. Then, cover the stool with the tile using tile adhesive, grout, and sealant.
Wall Art
You could also use tile samples to create artwork to hang on your walls. Many tiles are decorative in and of themselves, but you can also upgrade them with a bit of paint.