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Get Crisp Lines When Painting Textured Walls With This Caulk Trick
Painting textured walls can be frustrating, especially when you want a clean, sharp line between two colors. TikTok creator @livingwithley shows you how to overcome this problem.
The solution is to seal the painter’s tape to the textured wall using paint or caulk. This stops paint leaking underneath the tape, which is what causes that telltale jagged line.
Attach the tape to your wall, and apply a bead of clear, paintable caulk along the side you'll be painting the new color. Smear the caulk with your finger to seal the tape.
Then, go ahead and paint your wall. If you're concerned about the caulk working its way under the tape, don’t worry — you won't see any leaks because the caulk is clear.
If you have some of your base color at hand (the one you want to protect), you can use the same principle. Just seal the tape with the base color instead of with the caulk.
Whether you should wait for the caulk to dry before removing the tape is a moot point. Experiment on a test piece first, or just follow the directions of the brand you're using.