Yellow daffodils lit up by the sun
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Get Daffodils Blooming With A Natural Kitchen Scrap
While usually tossed without a second thought, coffee grounds can help daffodils thrive by providing nutrients, enhancing soil texture, and encouraging the presence of earthworms.
In addition to promoting well-draining, soft soil, the coffee grounds can increase the acidity of the soil until it falls within the daffodils’ preferred pH range of 6.0 to 7.0.
Test your soil’s pH level first to gauge how much acidity you may want to add. If you’re already at the ideal level, you should use coffee grounds sparingly to avoid altering it.
Sprinkle the grounds directly onto the soil, use them with mulch to retain moisture and suppress weeds, or add them to your compost pile to create a rich and nutritious blend.
Only use this hack on your adult flowers. Since the caffeine residues found in the coffee grounds can inhibit germination and growth, they should not be used on seedlings.