Vadnais Heights, Minnesota, Dollar Tree store, a discount variety store is a fortune 500 company.
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Get Kitchen Organization Under Control With Our Top Dollar Tree Solutions
Towel Rack
Kitchen and bathroom towel racks are available at the Dollar Tree for $1.25 each. Although they are intended for washable rags, they can also hold paper towel rolls.
Take apart your towel rack, slide a roll onto the middle bar, reattach the sides, and hang it from a cabinet door. Tuck a Dollar Tree paper clip over the loose paper towel sheet.
Shower Caddies
Lay two wire shower caddies overtop one another and use zip ties to fasten them together. Then, lay them flat side down and place your cookware in each of the slots.
Wire Baskets
Use removable wall hooks to attach Dollar Tree's wire baskets or trays to empty wall space to add pockets of extra storage around your kitchen.
Drawer Organizers
Make the most of your cabinet space by putting Dollar Tree’s drawer organizers on the backside of the doors using mounting tape to organize spices.
Book Bins
Dollar Tree offers an assortment of book bins, which are the ideal size and shape for holding a variety of types of food storage lids.