Persons hand pulling weeds from grassy area
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Get Rid Of Garden Weeds With An Unlikely Item From Your Fridge
Gardeners who are also fans of pickled veggies may already have a secret ingredient on hand that can help get rid of weeds and allow some plants to thrive: pickle juice.
The vinegar in this liquid improves the acidity of the soil and helps plants like rhododendrons and hydrangeas flourish, while the salt prevents weeds from taking over your garden.
Put some pickle juice in a spray bottle and sprinkle it directly on the invasive plants. The vinegar and salt will kill the weeds by making the growing environment inhabitable.
To avoid harming your existing plants, dilute the juice first. Though the acetic acid level may vary from jar to jar, a 1:20 ratio of pickle juice to water can be used.
Even spoiled pickle juice can be used to eliminate pesky weeds. It also lacks toxic chemicals, so you won't have to keep an eye on the pets or birds that frequent your garden.