Outdoor chairs and table on mossy brick driveway
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Get Rid Of Mossy Bricks And Driveways With This Natural Ingredient
Due to their porous nature, bricks and driveways are ideal surfaces for moss growth. You can easily remove moss by using a common pantry ingredient: a bottle of white vinegar.
Affordable and eco-friendly, white vinegar is great at removing moss due to its acidic nature. Its acidity also discourages the regrowth of moss on bricks and driveway pavers.
Add the vinegar to a spray bottle and use it to drench the moss you'd like to remove. Once soaked in the vinegar, the moss will die, making it easier to clean away.
Allow the vinegar to sit for at least an hour to work its way through the moss, although it may take a few applications or even a couple of days for the plant to die.
Use a rake to gently scrape the moss from the surface and dispose of it in a compost pile or a yard waste bag. Power wash the stones afterward to restore their original appearance.
For clay bricks and particularly sensitive stones, like those made of limestone, consider using 1 tablespoon per gallon of water to avoid any damage or discoloration.
Avoid spraying shrubs, trees, or other vegetation nearby. Once you've finished, thoroughly rinse the vinegar from the surrounding area to protect your materials from the vinegar.