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Get Rid Of Shower Mat Mold With A Few Items You Already Own
Molds thrive in places with moisture and humidity, making shower mats their hotspots. To remove them comfortably, use baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and bleach.
Lay the shower mat upside down, making its suction cups face you, in a bathtub or shower stall with their drain plugged or in a bucket large enough to submerge the mat.
Run enough warm-to-hot water to submerge the mat. Sprinkle about one cup of baking soda over it, then add either a cup of vinegar or a cup of hydrogen peroxide to the water.
Let the mat soak in the solution for about 30 minutes or up to two hours if it's too dirty. Scrub it with a stiff brush before rinsing, and thoroughly air-dry before reusing.
To use bleach, follow the instructions above, but only use bleach as a cleaning agent instead of other ingredients, adding a teaspoon of bleach for each gallon of water.
However, if you're using bleach, wear rubber gloves and turn on the bathroom vent or open a window before you begin, as exposure to bleach for a prolonged
period can be toxic.