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Of Tough Furniture Stains With An Item You Already Own
Cleaning stains on furniture fabric can be tough, but you can easily remove them using dish soap. Start by cleaning the mess as soon as you see it so the stain cannot seep further.
Blot the wet area with a paper towel or cloth. If the stain has already set in, apply a steamer to loosen it and remove any peeling remnants with a microfiber cloth.
Add a few dabs of dish soap in warm water and mix. Use petroleum-based soap, as water or detergent-based dish soap can damage the fabric. Add a cup of vinegar for a better wash.
Dip a cloth in the mix and clean the furniture in a firm back-and-forth motion. If cleaning leather, faux leather, or plastic, use small circular movements with a soft touch.
Allow the furniture to dry thoroughly. Speed up the process by placing
a fan in its direction, or grab a towel or cloth and dry all wet areas by hand if necessary.