A small wasp nest with wasps on it
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Get Rid Of Wasp Nests With A Handy Item You Already Have At Home
WD-40, known for its lubricating properties, also possesses repellent properties that can deter wasps from building nests near your living areas.
A light, even spray of WD-40 on eaves, overhangs, window sills, and other susceptible spots forms a barrier that hinders the wasps' ability to adhere their nests to surfaces.
Relatively non-toxic to humans and pets, WD-40 is a safer option for pest control around the house and is more cost-effective compared to specialized wasp repellents.
Inspect your property to identify potential nesting sites such as trees, overhangs, window sills, and corners. Cautiously remove any abandoned nests, if needed.
Ensure the area is clean and dry before spraying a light, even coating of WD-40 while holding the canister away from the surface.
Reapply the solution every few weeks or after rain, as its effectiveness can diminish over time. If necessary, apply additional coats to reinforce the barrier.