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Get The Hardwood Floors Look For Less With Our Expert's Advice
In an exclusive interview, Brett Miller, VP of the National Wood Flooring Association, revealed that engineered wood flooring is the best budget-friendly alternative to hardwood.
The top layer of engineered wood flooring is made of high-quality wood, while the rest of the material may be of a different species or material, making it a cheaper wood option.
Miller shared that whether engineered wood is less pricey than hardwood depends on the species of wood used, its thickness, the width of the board, and the trendiness of the cut.
Plus, engineered wood provides most of the benefits of hardwood, as both are highly durable and can be refinished numerous times without having to replace the floors altogether.
Having real wood floors can up your resale value by 10%. As such, engineered wood provides a long-term value and return on investment, as opposed to vinyl or plastic flooring.