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Get The Most Out Of Your Scrub Daddy Sponge With This Helpful Hack
To make the most of your Scrub Daddy sponge, you need to start experimenting with the temperature, as its key feature is its ability to change texture in cold and hot water.
A Scrub Daddy sponge feels soft when warmed and becomes harder and more abrasive when chilled. Thus, it can provide you with a range of scrubbing textures for all your needs.
Sometimes you need a tough sponge and warm water, though. Fortunately, TikTok user @jettsetfarmhouse reminds you of the proper way to use the product: dip it in ice water.
Between scrubs, briefly dip the sponge into an ice water bowl, ensuring that it stays abrasive. Use a large bowl with a generous amount of ice so that the water stays cold.