A well-lit patio space
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Get Your Patio Ready For Summer With These DIY Light Ideas
Solar Lights
Mount simple solar-powered lights on your fences and plants to light up your patio and make it look cozy without any pre-existing electric wiring requirements.
With just a one-screw bracket, you can easily hang these lights anywhere in your yard — especially if you have a wooden fence. If you're a renter, use Command Outdoor Strips.
Use spotlights and floodlights, like the ones from Govee, to illuminate trees and create a magical botanical garden ambiance. They're costly but offer many benefits.
The lights have stake attachments, so you can easily install them on the ground or into pots. You can also control them from your phone or turn them on and off with voice control.
A DIY chandelier can provide great ambient lighting from overhead to serve as a light source and a beautiful decor piece, adding a sense of magic to your patio.
You can use a twine to hang the chandelier. Tie it around an exposed beam if you have an overhead awning, or use a staple gun if you have a wooden awning.
String Lights
Even if you don't have a fence, you can build a post that can be placed anywhere to hang string lights or set up multiple posts to create a custom lighting scheme.
Simply place a wooden post in a large planter, add rocks to weigh it down, and then add foam concrete that will set quickly. Add some screws to the wood's top to hang the strings.
Create an outdoor sconce affordably using some PVC pipe and a solar-powered light. You can mount it anywhere around your patio, as they don't require electrical wiring.
Simply paint the pipe any color you like and place the DIY sconce in a location with enough sunlight where people often gather, like on the patio or by the doorway.