A set of hands holding a cardboard tissue box with a white, beige, and blue paint splotch design.
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Give A Boring Tissue Box A Refresh With This Clever Hack
You don’t have to go all in with renovations to change the vibe of your home. Little ideas can create beauty, like replacing an ugly cardboard tissue box with a small flower vase.
Buy a wide-mouthed vase you like. Then, remove the tissues from their box before rolling them and placing them inside the vase, with one tissue popping up so it's easy to pull out.
Walmart, Target, World Market, IKEA, and Wayfair are great places to find the right vase. We suggest Target's Sullivans Origami Vase or Walmart's Flora Bunda Tabletop Vase.
Get something no taller than 5 or 6 inches so you don't have to dig for the tissues when they fall to the bottom. You can even decorate it with flowers if you run out of tissues.
Other items wide-mouthed vases can hold include cotton balls for the bathroom, candles, or fresh herbs in water for the kitchen.