seedling growing in cardboard seed-starter pot
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Give Garden Seeds A Boost With This Genius Paper Towel Hack
To give your seeds the best chance to succeed, start them indoors in DIY paper towel tube containers and let them grow until they're strong enough to transplant in your garden.
You get the same benefit as using expensive seed starter trays without spending anything extra, and you recycle your empty paper towel tubes instead of throwing them in the trash.
Since they're biodegradable, you won't have to remove them and risk damaging the seedlings' roots. Simply plant them with the seedling into the soil, and they'll decompose.
If you cut them into rings, they're the perfect shape for growing seedlings. Each ring must be as wide as the depth the seeds must be planted as per their packaging instructions.
Arrange the rings on a flat tray, sheet pan, or plastic plate with side walls, then fill the rings with soil, water them deeply, plant your seeds, add more soil, and water again.
Place the tray in a sunny spot where the seedlings will remain consistently warm because if they don't get enough direct sunlight, the soil won't dry out, and they can grow mold.