Plant cuttings placed in jars
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Give Root Cuttings A Boost With Pinterest's Hydrogen Peroxide Trick
According to Pinterest, hydrogen peroxide (H₂O₂) can enhance the propagation of root cuttings by preventing harmful microbial growth that leads to rot and impedes root development.
Moreover, as the chemical breaks down into water and oxygen, it enriches the rooting medium with crucial oxygen, which is vital for root growth and accelerates the rooting process.
To take advantage of this method, mix water and H₂O₂ in a 1:1 ratio in a clean container. Trim the plant cutting at a 45-degree angle and dip it into the mixture for a few seconds.
Let the excess solution drip off before planting the cutting in a suitable rooting medium. Alternatively, fill a clean jar with water and add a teaspoon of H₂O₂ per cup of water.
Trim the cutting as before and place it into the container, ensuring that at least one or two nodes are submerged. Change the water every few days, adding more H₂O₂ each time.
Regularly monitor the cutting for signs of root development, and once roots have formed, transplant it into a pot with soil or an appropriate growing medium.
It's crucial to use diluted H₂O₂ and limit the cutting's exposure to the solution to prevent potential damage. Additionally, wearing protective gear is recommended for your safety.