A white bathroom sink
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Give Under-The-Sink Storage A New Look With An Old Trend That's Back
If you want to give your bathroom space a clean and clutter-free appearance, managing under-the-sink storage is a must. An easy way to do this is by hanging a sink skirt.
Once considered dated, sink skirts are a rising 2024 trend and have even been photographed in celebrity homes, like the skirt in Lily Allen and David Harbour's kitchen.
If you have a sink nestled between cabinets, it's easy to hang up a curtain rod and a fabric of your choice. Otherwise, you'll have to use velcro to set up a sink skirt.
Pick a patterned or solid fabric, depending on your bathroom's decor and personal choice. Then, measure how long and wide your skirt needs to be by laying the fabric on the sink.
Attach patches of velcro to the sink as well as along the top inside of the skirt. Once fastened, attach the skirt to your sink to finish your sleek, sneaky bathroom storage space.