Empty kitchen cabinets
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Give Your Base Cabinets An Upgrade With This Easy Sliding Shelf Hack
Deep sliding cabinets are great for storage, but they make it hard to find items packed together. Thankfully, a simple cabinet hack by @thenavagepatch on TikTok can help.
By upgrading your kitchen or garage’s base cabinet drawers using sliding shelves, you can find what you’re looking for easily. This DIY hack will save you time and money.
To make empty storage shelves, first construct the drawer frames. You need DAP glue, plywood, instant wood adhesive, construction adhesive, Danish oil, brad nails, and draw slides.
Create a base for cupboard items. Take measurements and slice the wood base to the right size, then glue 2-inch strips of wood around the border facing up and add an oil finish.
Craft your drawer slide framework and fit it inside your cabinet. Attach the appropriate drawer slide materials to both your framework and your base to help connect them together.
Finally, slide your framework and base both into place and add all your items inside. You should now find it much easier to find your items using this crafty shelf storage.