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Give Your Baseball Cap A Much-Needed Clean With Items You Already Own
You're probably tempted to throw your dirty baseball cap in the washing machine, or even the dishwasher. However, you could end up inadvertently bending your hat out of shape.
The preferred method requires only warm water and detergent and will leave your cap clean without any fading or marks. As a bonus, it shouldn't take too much time.
First, fill a clean sink or bucket with warm water — not too hot — and throw in a tablespoon of your regular laundry detergent or a more specific stain treatment like OxiClean.
If there are parts of your cap that are dirtier than others, pre-treat the stains. Always double-check that the cleaner you chose can be used on the fabric of your hat.
Once you have spot-treated any major stains, submerge the hat in the water mixture and leave it for up to two hours. Next, get rid of the soapy residue by rinsing with clean water.
Don't squeeze the cap, as this could ruin its shape; instead, towel dry it and put it somewhere dry. Place it on something like a jar when drying so it doesn't crumple inwards.