large plain standing mirror
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Give Your Boring Mirrors An Edgy Upgrade With This Unique DIY
Transform your mirrors in about 10 minutes with multicolored transparent pieces of cut-out window film or colored gels and deliver a major dose of cheer to your space.
You'll need colored window film, a permanent marker, sharp scissors, cleaner in a spray bottle, plain water in a spray bottle, a rag, and a stiff playing card or credit card.
Decide what type of film you want, such as some privacy film for windows that looks mirrored from the outside or some colored film from Decorative Films for about $17 per foot.
Alternatively, you can use color correction gel light filters for photography or a roll of self-adhesive, transparent vinyl window-tinting sheets from Amazon.
First, sketch out your design on paper. Draw freehand shapes or trace the outline of a graphic placed underneath the film or gel, and then cut them out.
Clean and dry your mirror. If your gel isn't self-adhesive, place your homemade decal where you want it, then press a card over it.
Use the card to squeegee the water out and help it lightly adhere to the surface. Wipe off any remaining water with an absorbent rag, avoiding the decal so you don't remove it.