An apartment kitchen with wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and pendant lights hanging above the granite countertops.
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Give Your Countertops
A Glittery Upgrade With Glamorous DIY
TikTok DIY home improvement creators @gothgirldreamhouse explain how they used resin to achieve a solid, sparkling coat on their countertops, leaving them glittery.
Epoxy resin is best for DIY dazzling countertops due to its nontoxic formula and low viscosity. Make sure you have glitter, a small trowel, a sieve, a paintbrush, and a tarp.
First, cover all of your appliances and furniture with the tarp to protect them. In a small bucket, mix the resin with the hardener, pour in the glitter, and mix vigorously.
Pour the mixture over your countertop and smooth it with the trowel. If you think it could use more surface glitter, sieve some over the countertop and pat it with the paintbrush.
Your endeavor will take about 24 to 34 hours to cure fully and will cost just $60. The process is fairly simple, but be cautious when using resin and open windows for ventilation.