Sign of an IKEA furniture store in Zurich
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Give Your Fridge A Built-In Look With IKEA's Iconic Billy Bookcases
In a stunning design hack, lifestyle and DIY influencer Emma Hill used IKEA’s Billy bookcases to display her dishware and add a sleek, modern element to
the kitchen.
In Hill's project, she used two tall white Billy bookcases to frame her fridge along with a smaller shelf on top kept up by some simple side panels, which she explained
on YouTube.
She then had the entire bookcases wrapped in a vinyl cover with a gray faux wood finish, which made them match the rest of her modern dark gray kitchen.
Hill also dug further into the IKEA catalog and affixed a pair of Oxberg glass doors to the bookcases, adding a touch of class to the simple storage units.
The final results are stunning, and her idea can be especially useful if you live in a home with a smaller kitchen that doesn't have adequate storage.