Dewy green grass glistening in sunlight
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Give Your Green Grass A Vibrant Boost With These 10 Tips
Fertilize Grass Properly
To prevent your grass from becoming dull and yellow, it's important to fertilize it properly during the autumn months in preparation
for spring.
For a lush, deep green appearance, consider using a slow-release organic fertilizer with a small amount of iron, such as Milorganite, which is also environmentally friendly.
Water Lawn Correctly
A drought can cause your lawn to turn yellow and eventually die. To counter this, either water your grass more frequently using less water, or less frequently but with more water.
Use Grass Seeds
Grass seeds can aid in extending your lawn, filling in any bare spots, and revitalizing bare or dead areas. For optimal results, it's best to sow seeds in spring or fall.
Test The Soil
It's important to regularly test your soil to ensure a pH level between 6.5 and 7.0. This will help your grass absorb the necessary nutrients and maintain its green color.
Eliminate Weeds
Weeds are a common threat to grass, so it's important to eliminate them without harming the grass. Consider organic weed killers or organic gluten cornmeal for this purpose.