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Give Your Lawn A Boost Using Rusty Nails
Grass needs iron to grow, and without it, it can develop a deficiency that causes yellowing and thinning of the blades and might not fill out as much as you would like.
Using rusty nails, you can create iron-rich water to use on your lawn, giving the surrounding blades of grass an important nutrient for growth and development.
Choose nails you know have iron in them, often notable by their reddish coloring from ferric oxide, the material that forms when iron mixes with oxygen.
Cover the bottom of the container with nails, even a handful will help, and soak them in water for four to five days, which should create a tea-like coloring in the water.
If possible, use a two-pail system, with the first having a few holes in the bottom that will strain the nails and drain the water to the second bucket underneath when lifted.