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Give Your Lawn A New Look With These Popular Mowing Patterns
To make stripes on your lawn, start mowing at the perimeter in a straight line to the other end of the yard. Then, make a U-turn and continue in a perpendicular line.
Create waves by making a stripe across the middle of the lawn, then mow with slight curves at regular intervals, overlapping slightly to ensure an even cut.
Begin making circles by marking the center of your lawn with a stake, then tie a rope around it, extending to your desired radius. Start from the inside and mow outward.
Once your first circle is complete, you’ll need to mow your second larger circle in the opposite direction to create alternating shades of green.
Create parallel stripes, then mow over them but in a perpendicular direction, overlapping the stripes for even lines.
Similar to checkerboards, start this design by creating diagonal stripes across your lawn, then repeat in the opposite direction.