A person holding a plastic broom
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Give Your Old Broom New Meaning With These Clever Home Ideas
Boot Scrubber
Screw a broom head vertically into a wood slab and attach two other heads facing each other on either side. Once secure, use it to scrub your boots in one sweep.
Texture Tool
Cut the clean bristles into tiny pieces, mix them into your paint, and turn it into a textured pigment for an interior design style that adds dimension to any surface.
Garden Stake
Place old broom handles near climbing vines or weak stems, and secure the plant with string to prop it up. You can even cut the handles to create multiple stakes.
Snow Sweeper
Use an old broom to get rid of snow or leaves from the exterior of windows, awnings, and doors. Remove the handle, and it also becomes a tidy sweeper for your car.
Desk Organizer
Remove the handle, and place the brush head in a cardboard or wood stand so it looks like a patch of lawn in a garden box. Stick pencils and pens in the mock grass.