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Give Your Old Laundry Baskets New Life By Using Them In The Garden
A planter made from an old laundry basket can be an ideal spot for growing berries in your garden, according to a YouTube video from Garden Answer.
First, make a hole in the bottom of the basket about the size of a coin so there's enough space for water to drain out, ensuring the soil doesn't become too soaked or soggy.
Slide in burlap so it lines the basket in the same way a trash bag would in a bin. Make sure it extends over the top of the basket before filling it nearly to the top with soil.
The burlap will keep the soil from spilling out the holes on the sides of the basket, and you can trim off any around the top that's not needed.
Plant a few berries on the top, then cut only a few holes through the burlap, starting a few rows down. Place your plants into each open spot, and sit back to watch them grow.
You can also use this hack to grow popular veggies like potatoes, peppers, and carrots, but swap the burlap for plastic and grow the plants on top instead of from the sides.