A plant with flowers in a tall planter.
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Give Your Tall Planters Extra Height With This Viral Pool Noodle Hack
Tall planters require you to fill quite a lot of empty space, and one of the best ways to do so without wasting money on extra potting soil or gravel is to use foam pool noodles.
As a TikTok video posted by @lifeon_deerdrive suggests, you'll first need a flowerpot that will fit comfortably within the larger planter you want
to showcase.
Place a few bricks at the bottom of the planter to make a
flat base without blocking the drainage hole, and twist a pool noodle around the inside of the planter to fill the gap.
Finally, place the pot on top so its base fits neatly into the middle of the pool noodle. Doing this will allow your plants to remain centered and secure on the planter’s surface.
Your planter will be light enough for easy mobility, and the pool noodle will allow the water to pass through, which will be convenient when watering your plants and on rainy days.