Close-up of heuchera, also known as coral bells
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Gorgeous Companion Plants That Thrive Alongside Colorful Coral Bells
Coral bells, also known as heuchera, are exquisite perennials that pair well with other plants that prefer similar growing conditions: limited sunlight and plenty of moisture.
Hydrangeas thrive in the same acidic-neutral soil conditions preferred by heucheras. Their 4-foot height complements the shorter coral bells, creating an attractive layered look.
Heuchera's large, colorful leaves complement bleeding hearts' elaborate blooms. Like coral bells, they thrive in shade and mild climates with well-drained, nutrient-rich soil.
Astilbes' colorful blooms are a lively addition to heuchera beds. Plant taller astilbes in a shady spot behind coral bells for a layered look, and water them frequently in summer.